Lebron James "King of the Court" Canvas

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Creating a sense of love, strength, motivation, this authentic piece of art is eye catching to your guests.

Framed: The 5 piece Lebron James "King Of The Court" is ready to be hung. The wooden frame will provide a sense of connection of your love with sports.

Unframed: The 5 piece print on a canvas without a wooden frame is securely packed in a protective sheet and corrugated board. The canvas can easily be framed by your local shop or we can save you time and do it ourselves. 


10cmX15cmX2pcs + 10cmX20cmX2pcs + 10cmX25cmX1

20cmX30cmX2pcs + 20cmX40cmX2pcs + 20cmX50cmX1

30cmX40cmX2pcs + 30cmX60cmX2pcs + 30cmX80cmX1

40cmX60cmX2pcs + 40cmX80cmX2pcs + 40cmX100cmX1